Page 100

There are a lot of different types of abstracted backgrounds sprinkled throughout these pages. I think of it as a rhythmic element in some regards. Kind of a breath in the midst of the ongoing narrative, which for long stretches of time is just a series of similar frames displaying a single setting… in this case, currently, the cab of Murray’s truck. So the abstract background in a basic sense breaks up a potential visual monotony, like a drum fill or a quick cut to an altogether different break in an old school hip-hop song.

Myra’s background in the first panel is a bit of a different case, though. In that instance I’m basically trying to draw the music she’s playing. Although personally I have some idea about the sound and style of her song, I think it’s something that should just be suggested to the readers in a way that allows them to draw their own conclusions. Although in a lot of ways I’m not opposed, and at times even enjoy, employing some visual cliches, I couldn’t just draw little floating quarter notes or something of that nature. I mean, that’s basically just a written language… it would be like depicting the conversations of people as random floating letters, devoid of cohesion or context.