Page 102

“It was the night of the tricrescent las’ year…” Well, as you might imagine, being on a moon in a planetary system with three other moons and, naturally, a planet in the sky, there are probably a lot of interesting ways these heavenly bodies can arrange themselves in relation to each other. Why is this particular formation – three bowl-shaped crescents arranged in a V shape – known simply as the tricrescent? We can naturally assume that there are times when they form a straight line, when the crescents are pointed in various different directions. Well, our assumptions are correct. This is colloquially known as the tricrescent, but there is a much longer and more specific name for this kind of arrangement of crescents. And there are quite a few years that pass between the times when this particular kind of formation appears. In several more pages, we’ll see the previous time that this tricrescent formation occurred. That’s right, everyone… we’re headed for a flashback within a flashback! Normally, that’s beyond the means of a mere mortal comic artist, but fortunately Myra Fine is about to expedite the process with some musical… shall we say… guidance.

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