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What can I say? In this day and age of mass media saturation and overstimulation, it can be pretty hard to get people to listen to that new song you’ve been working on!

The thing is, though, it’s a really old song that Myra Fine is playing. She and Wayne will talk more about the nature of this song a couple dozen or so pages from now, but you can get a fair idea of what kind of jam it is just by looking at it. I mean, she’s playing it – but it also looks like it’s coming through her from somewhere else. Well, that’s an experience we can all relate to in one way or another, right? If you get really good at what you do, doesn’t it seem like you’re just honing your skills to bring something through that comes from some other source? Of course, it comes through with your own style. Like your identity is a lens, and you’re just shining that light right on through. But a lot of times, people just turn and walk away, and don’t wanna make any time to really listen, or look, or feel it. But you’ve gotta keep shining that light. You’ve just gotta! We all really need you to shine that light!

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