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Notes: Are the streets of Haquel really this curvy, or is it just because of the lens that I draw everything through? Well, a little of both, I guess. Here we get to catch a glimpse not only of the city and Bloom’s place of employment, but also her method of rationalizing laying an entire week’s worth of work shifts on an unsuspecting co-worker. At least she’s thoughtful enough to sweeten the raw deal with the promise of bringing back some mixtapes.

The marquee and outer entrance area to the Belladonna Theatre are based on the State Theater in Olympia, Washington, although that theater has been dedicated to live stage plays for many years now. When I first arrived in Olympia, it was a 99c second-run movie theater with three screens. Judging by the Belladonna’s marquee, it might have either three or six screens.

The actual factuals of working in a movie theater, as well as the name Belladonna Theatre, are based on my experiences as a 16-year-old, with my second job ever. I worked at the Belle Meade Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee, which was a magnificent single-screen art deco theater. At the time I came along, it was on its last legs, as it had been managed with great disinterest by a regional movie theater company that I suppose isn’t worth naming here. One of the main problems was that movies were booked into the theater for far too long, especially considering it had only a single screen (gigantic and beautiful though it was, with an occasionally-used 70mm projector). As a result, I saw movies like The Godfather Part III and Rocky V as many times as probably anyone has seen them, and almost certainly more than most would want to.

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