Page 124

More late night reminiscences. Swimming in the river of night, as it’s called hereabouts. One gets the sense that, although there may be certain dimensions to the relationship between Wayne Molly and Myra Fine that he didn’t expound upon in his telling of this tale – this is a flashback, mind you (it’s a safe bet that most pages in this story are) – nevertheless, Myra is learning for the first time some key background information that sheds some light on the contradiction between Wayne’s talent on the drums and his apparent ambivalence about it.

Speaking of shedding some light, her statement in the last panel “mirousz inkhadroun” is a common phrase among Silnai artists, such that Wayne would understand perfectly, but for those of us on Earth, here is an explanation of sorts… this expression is a sort of prayer or invocation that an artist uses prior to practicing their craft, which is asking the source of their creativity to shine clearly as through a lens, or reflect clearly as through a mirror. The underlying concept being that an artist is a lens or mirror, and whatever form their artwork takes, be it performance or literature, etc., is an act of shining a light that comes from a greater self, oneness. In this case, Myra is asking the source for guidance in what she is about to express.

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