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Myra Fine describes some of the capabilities of the elder musicians, and the possibilities of music itself. But who were they? Why and how was the handing down of their knowledge disrupted? If they could move freely through space and time, is there any way they can come here now and sort out the dreadful mix of materialistic narcissism and sad nostalgia that comprises the severely limited playlists on mainstream corporate FM radio stations? Well, even if they can, I reckon they are hanging back to see what we do. We’re all musicians, after all. We’re all singers. We are all songwriters. Music is constant, our songs are ongoing – not just contained in 3 minute ditties, streamlined for mass production and digital distribution. We can all write much more interesting and uplifting songs than what we hear repeated endlessly on commercial radio, what we hear reduced to background music in advertisements and stores… well, if we can just realize that that’s possible. It’s hard to get an accurate idea of what’s possible if you’re stuck listening to the same few songs over and over again.

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