Page 13

Pulling out of the Crescent Food & Fuel in Miya Bay as the sun sets and the next leg of the journey begins. What a great feeling, knowing that things are only just beginning as the daytime ends. And exceptionally good fortune for Wayne Molly, now riding shotgun with his old acquaintance from thousands of miles away back home in Haquel.

For fans of hatching, here you go – any guesses as to how many hatchmarks have filled this page? This technique has its ups and downs. At its best, it can subtle illustrate contours and perspective. Its imperfections can be somewhat pleasing, if they’re not too far out of the established pattern. It certainly conveys a rhythm and energy that isn’t present within solid tones.

Downsides are as you might expect – it does get fatiguing. During the drawing of the first 100 pages of Zoonbats, the most I ever drew in a single day was two pages. And that had to be followed by a day of rest, so I didn’t really get ahead of my usual pace overall, which is about 10 hours for one page.