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And so, all is revealed. Espresso is the culprit once again. Fortuitously, the ample straightaways along the Echalona Cliffs just south of Zhiana provided enough tarmac for Murray to keep the hammer down and brew up a phenomenal eight shots of merkur, a personal record for which he takes no small measure of pride. Yet with each such success, ambition comes a-callin’… suggesting that perhaps he has not yet reached the apex of his multitasking barristabilities.

Wayne, for his part, reacts with understandable apprehension about the absence of Murray’s hands on the ten-and-two, but soon finds road weariness has sapped his ability to maintain a righteous indignation.

Shout out and much obliged to my 3-year-old, who created the name Echalona. *proud papa*

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