Page 132

Is there a thin line between wisdom and madness? Or is it more like a… a cheesecloth of sorts, which allows the curds of wisdom to… err… I don’t even know what I’m typing about here. But I continue to type, undaunted. Maybe I’m getting some kind of contact high from Murray’s caffeine-fueled exultation. One wonders what Wayne will do. Will he chance to take a sip from the dragon’s jewel-encrusted chalice? Perhaps. Or perhaps the next page will be a small picture of Wayne’s face in the corner, surrounded by a massive text balloon lecture on his views on the virtues of temperance.

Merkur – prescription caffeine hyperconcentrate in the form of a viscous silver gel, typically brewed and served as espresso. See page 17 for a bit of background on this illicit substance.

Kuranai – the proper name of the alligator-like humans, of whom Wayne is one.

AAAAAAHHAAAAA!!! – expression of unfettered, utterly carefree exultation by one at the apex of a major caffeine bender.

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