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Alas, the fate of “Thirsty Coin” revealed. More about Bloom and her novel in the chapter following this one. An homage to Ricardo, Toast, and Doe’s plan to bumrush their insufferable boss Stu. And lastly, Wayne’s outlook on his prospects as a musician – a bit more cultural background about that next week.

Back on this side of the page, I’ve been continuing to work to get the new zine editions of Zoonbats ready to print. It’s been a lot of work, and surprisingly time-consuming. It’s been years since I’ve made zines, and somehow in my memory it never took this long. Of course, in the ol’ days they would be 16 pages or thereabouts… these are about 50 pages each, and there’s three of ’em. I’m trying to do my best and not cut any corners or settle for any aspects that aren’t really good. I’ve added in some supplementary information about the world, the planet and the moons and how their orbits appear in the skies of Shinma. Eventually I’ll add that info to the website, as well. I actually built a 3D model of the planetary system so I could watch the sky and make various observations. Pretty fun! Aside from all that, I’m working on writing the next chapter. At this point I’m not sure if those pages will go live on schedule after the current chapter is done, or if I’ll continue to update the site weekly. What can I say? I’m a slow writer, and I’m feeling pretty ambivalent about the webcomic format and its corollary social media stuff. For one thing, I’m not sure it’s particularly satisfying to read one page of an ongoing story per week. Personally I prefer to hold a book (or zine) in my hands and read a whole chapter at a time. I know it’s anachronistic, but zines are just a lot more fun.

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  1. I tend to check back on comics every ten updates or so so that I have a reasonable little chunk to chew over. Or really, the more enjoyable part of the process is finding new comics and reading archives.

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