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The training among the Kuranai is intended to develop musicians to the point that they can exceed normal human limitations (hence Wayne’s references to “real music” and “making things happen”). Musical mentorship among the Kuranai is an orthodox system in which each child is assigned a jurai sonsuraiun, who not only teaches them but raises them. If anything happens to the sonsuraiun, it’s interpreted as fate and the child won’t get another one. They’ll also be generally shunned by other trained Kuranai musicians, although it’s still relatively easy to find Kuranai outside the orthodoxy and musicians of other cultures to learn from and play with in various settings.

The Biotech Trade Council is an Ansimh-based consortium formed by the corporations Biotech Superium, Control Science, Betterlife Group, and Genesys, all of whom are involved in developing products and services related to genetic modification. The BTC specifically was formed to craft legislation to facilitate prosperity by identifying and eliminating barriers to optimal trade. Jeez, it feels like I’m writing their press release here! That’s how they would phrase it, anyway. The BTC is also a proud sponsor of the annual Fromage Festival in Eunil that everyone is headed toward. And they’re the driving force behind the embargo that Shinma has been held under for the past two decades. Sponsorship of the Fromage Festival is supposed to make up for that little detail.

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