Page 139

Well, you had to figure it was a pretty big coincidence, right? Turns out someone (Murray’s dispatcher, maybe?) notified him that his old acquaintance Wayne was hitchhiking nearby and instructed him to try and find Wayne and pick him up.

“Shiroun C’Nanzour…!” Murray’s saying a common phrase about a particularly gifted player of a Silnai sport called Ringracing. An equivalent might be something like “swish” when a basketball player hits a buzzer-beating shot from across the court to win a game, or a football player runs a kickoff back for a touchdown on the final play of a game, and the implication is that it was done with ease. In this case, Murray is acknowledging that Wayne has figured out the ruse of a highly unlikely coincidental meeting of the two on the other side of the continent from Haquel.

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