Page 144

Behold, the power of Merkur espresso hyperconcentrate gel. The entire “liquid gold” jubilation sequence is drawn from life experience. Although Merkur doesn’t actually exist in our world, cold-brewed toddy does. That stuff takes you into the caffeine slipstream, man. “Liquid gold” is how my good friend Adrian described its effects, its sensation, its overall synaesthetic effect. Naturally, I’m inclined to agree, and thus in my own hamfisted way, I have immortalized some transmuted form of the moment into heavy blacks and mass hatching here, weaving it into the absurdist tapestry of this story here at the end of chapter 4. And thus, with the notion of such sweet, hyper sentimentality imbued both in the “printed” page and in my excessive, probably run-on-sentence-ridden explanatory prose down here, I must bid to you, my wonderfully accommodating and patient readers, fare-thee-well! Until we meet again! On some unknown day when chapter 5 will begin, and we will learn more, ever so much more about… Meredith “Bloom” Banks.

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