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Naturally, the deluxe sleeper cab is the only way to roll for Murray. And he’s got a lot of gear in there that isn’t available through any legitimate Silnai retail channels. You guessed it – more illicit wares originating from Minsha. It’s an impressive space to bed down in, to be sure. The teddy bear, though, is simply an homage to my brother’s childhood bear.

We’re also introduced to Murray’s love of the “cuppa” – java, that is. The sweet brown nectar of that naughty bean. I, myself, might own up to a fondness for that brew from time to time. At times I might have even caught myself looking forward to the next day primarily so I could have some more coffee. We all need motivation now and then.

But perhaps Murray’s taken it to what the experts would call “a whole ‘nother level,” having a full espresso bar for a usually solo operation. That’ll keep you awake for a while. The bed clearly has not been slept in any time recently.