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Wayne has previously only known Murray as his friend Bloom’s manager at the Belladonna Theatre in Haquel. And, young as he is, Wayne hasn’t considered all the many twists and turns that the road of life has taken Murray through. Turns out, before he was ever in the cinema game, Murray was behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, and now he’s back in his true element.

Naturally, with a lot of time on the road, he’s had his moments of lyrical ponderations. But songwriting isn’t his main aim. He aims primarily to keep aiming – further and further along the road, shunning the human need for rejuvenation through the fusion of man, machine and dark roast.

Wayne, being a musician accustomed to letting the tides of somnolence take their own course in his day-to-day (or night-to-night) life, has to wonder just how long ago Murray partook of “a few hours here and there” of repose. But, what the hell… he’s in the gooseleather passenger seat now, and, having bought the ticket, is taking the ride.