Page 17

So, the inner workings of the dispatcher’s office are laid bare for us to see. And we see that the true fuel that these mighty machines run on is not petroleum, but prescription Merkur Espresso Hyperconcentrate Gel. And although that dispatcher ain’t no doctor, nor pharmacist, he’s got the hook-up for his lads and lasses, the knights of the highway, to make sure everything is delivered on time.

Although only seen here by the exterior of their baggies, Espresso Hyperconcentrate Gel looks a bit different than the roasted beans it’s presumably originally derived from. It’s a thick, smooth paste with a metallic silver color.

Obviously, it gets the job done… but not without a few drawbacks, one of which is the sort of extreme mood swing we witness here in the space it takes to advance our eyes from one panel to the next. Fortunately, it’s got what it takes in its chemical composition to swing the tide back the other way again quite quickly.

From an artistic perspective, does the mood swing really need a label to call it out? Well, probably not. But I like the entire palette available in the visual form, ranging from the subtle to the anti-subtle. Personally my greatest enjoyment in drawing this page is the panel of joyful exultation as Murray pounds the ceiling of his own cab with lust for coffee.