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Weaving his way into the industrial and port district of Katu down in southern Sil, Murray is about to have an encounter with a gang of big rig hijackers known as the Katu Zoy Raiders. “That’s where the cattle prod comes in,” notes Murray in retrospect. And should every story have a point in which the cattle prod comes in? Well, thankfully not. But, it’s too late for this one. Here indeed is where it comes in.

The Schnockerbox craze is based on a similar consumer craze that I recall from my formative years, that being the fights that erupted in the aisles of toy stores between parents desperate to purchase the highly-coveted Cabbage Patch Kids circa 1983.

Fortunately, they weren’t something I really wanted as a child, but I remember seeing shaky cam video on national news broadcasts about the incidents. The nature of the Schnockerbox is intentionally nebulous here – it’s just something inherently worthless that people inexplicably have to have. What it actually is is of little importance, as what it really is remains the same – only its form and its brand changes over the successive shopping seasons.

Although Murray notes that Wayne might be too young to remember, the craze – having taken place in the early ’20s, was at most 11 years prior to the present day in 3331. More likely, Wayne wouldn’t remember or have been concerned having grown up without enough money for his grandmother, who primarily raised him, to afford one for him.