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Notes: Wayne’s compact communication tablet is of Minshan origin – it was a gift from Bloom. Bloom herself is from Minsha, and moved to Haquel as a teenager with her mother when her parents got a divorce. Due to this circumstance, she has an easier time than most Silnai in traveling back-and-forth from moon to moon, and does so yearly to visit with her father.

The ‘spectacles’ seen on Bloom’s face aren’t just cartooning shorthand for regular glasses, but are actually implants that serve a similar vision-corrective function. Plus, they have added functionality. She can cycle through different vision modes including thermal and night vision, both of which she uses to great effect when sneaking through train yards and other off-limits locales to write graffiti. On the downside, they mark her as a Minshan because this type of technology is not available anywhere on Shinma. Although quite fashionable on Minsha, they are a symbol of the class inequality of the two moons due to the ongoing embargo.

Toast’s robot’s name, Inaara, is an acronym standing for It’s Not Actually A Real Acronym. Although not his first robotic creation, it is one of his first, and by far the most ambitious and successful. He goes into some detail about his inspiration for creating it later in the story.

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