Page 20

Is this the pivotal moment that derailed Murray’s songwriting ambitions? One minute he’s working out the meter of “a-rollin’ fo’ that thar pay-check” and the next, the muse is chased away with a resounding WHUMMPF!! I guess we’ve all been there, one way or another.

There aren’t many pages in Zoonbats that break from a standard panel layout, but this one does with the oval inset panel. The panel arrangements are intentionally bland, and primarily based upon the layout of Carl Barks’s Uncle Scrooge McDuck comics, although I don’t claim to have any degree of that artist’s mastery of the form.

Mainly I just didn’t want any of my readers, many of whom I expected read no other comic books, to have to think for a moment about which panel to go to next. Although I’m impressed with the way panel layouts and page designs have evolved over the decades in this literary form, this particular comic is in many ways a throwback to earlier times. Like the early decision to shade via hatching, the page design has resulted in a mixed bag of more and less effective pages. But for an artist who still has a lot to learn about the form, it still offers ample challenges with a small variety of possible panel shapes in which to compose shots.