Page 21

For the most part, each cast member of Zoonbats is a fictional creation who shares at most only a few traits of specific people I’ve known (including myself, naturally). Murray Sepulveda is an exception, though, because he’s primarily based on a real person I knew quite a while back. Occasionally, for various personal projects, I interview some of the people I know, and this particular tale that Murray is sharing is in fact based on a presumably true tale that was told to me by the person who inspired him. The dialog is all just transcribed… with the exception of “FNAR!”, which I simply inferred.

The bandit on the receiving end of this zap also happens to look like a good friend of mine, but as I peruse these pages to compose these textual accompaniments, I can’t really remember if that was intentional. I can say that I wouldn’t mind having that jacket he’s wearing.

The practice of inserting narrative panels with a little circular portrait of the person speaking is something that I’ve heard other comics artists of the present day speaking poorly of, but I enjoy them. It’s not a particularly sophisticated narrative technique, but it gets the job done. A lot of people would say I shouldn’t write a story that’s ninety-percent composed of flashbacks either, but, well, here we are.