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Judging by the architecture, Katu once knew much better days. But now there’s just a bunch of beautiful old empty buildings for lease, gradually deteriorating. How many beautiful cities are like that in the United States? The underdog cities, perpetually plunged into the losing end of the economics of scarcity.

Maybe in a healthier, better-managed economy, different areas could take turns at being winners and losers, establishing some sort of healthy circulation if we’re to believe that money is really “energy” – but there are places like this that have had the invisible boot heel of Adam Smith on their necks for generations. New Orleans. Memphis. Tacoma. Oakland. Detroit. Such is the case in Katu specifically, and currently on the moon of Shinma in general. Of course, I’ll have to cook up some different sort of name for the alien version of Adam Smith, if it ever comes up in conversation among the cast.

Meanwhile, the nascent draftsman in me must endure gazing in retrospect upon the ever-changing size and shape of the roof of Murray’s cab-over rig, which on this page expands to the proportions of a generous sleeper cab. Pay no attention to that sort of thing, please – focus instead on the well-rendered motion blur on the FZZZHNN! sound effect.