Page 23

Boozy like to cut things! Well, it is an ideal situation if you can find enjoyment in your chosen line of work. Upon reflection, I feel that this is an interesting page in that the proportion of words in English to onomatopoeia seems to be getting close to leveling out.

There’s also a rare proliferation of expository thought balloons from Murray – I’ll have to ask him to dial that sort of thing back in future pages. But which of us could do better in such a situation, with the maniacal laughter, the SXAXK and XORNX of it all swirling around?

The final panel looks as though I’ve completed the time traveling effort back to the days of late 1960s-early 1970s underground comics, with the heavily hatched profile of Murray emitting a thought-bubble escape plan. Something about that excessive amount of hatching seems to put me in touch with the mounting paranoia of that era, even though it was a handful of years before I came into my current form. Unfortunately, I’ve mostly read only excerpts of the comics of those days – very rarely have I been able to read complete ones.