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As Murray bemoans the challenging condition of his manual window roller – a feeling I reckon at least one generation of human Americans has never known – my thoughts turn to his apparel. This will be discussed within the story in later pages, but I wonder if Zoonbats ever catches on, would merchandise like Murray’s tank top CATFISH shirt possibly find a receptive market? I’m almost certain his BEER trucker hat would, if it hasn’t already – it’s just that its market in all likelihood wouldn’t even need members of the Zoonbats readership in its ranks to sell steadily. These are the sorts of thoughts going through my mind as I sit here, sipping a beer and typing these dubiously enlightening artist’s statements. Let’s see if I can work my way back around to something relevant to the artistic process.

The word “UGGA!” originates from the printed lyrics in Ice-T’s album, “O.G. Original Gangster.” The actual exclamation in the song is something that I would normally spell “Uh,” or “Ugh,” maybe “Ungh”… but whoever was tasked with typesetting this hip-hop double album’s worth of lyrics chose the spelling UGGA, and this was a source of tremendous amusement for me at the time. (And, come to think of it, continues to be.) The song, incidentally, is “Mind Over Matter” and could be Ice-T’s finest ever.

Presently, I feel sentimental for the days when I could pass hours by listening to music while reading a lyrics sheet. They were these pieces of paper that were included in a vinyl record or compact disc or cassette, and you could look at them and they’d have pictures and liner notes… well, I guess there is “album art” embedded in MP3s now, and you can just look up some hack’s attempt at interpreting the lyrics on the myriad of sketchy lyrics sites on the web.

I guess I didn’t really succeed at getting back to the artistic process on this page, after all. It’s more like I’m about to warn someone to stay off my lawn here.