Page 25

Unfortunately, Murray’s early success in wielding the cattle prod seemed to be the peak of his prowess. “Sparky” is game to keep trying, though.

Maybe if Murray didn’t take the time to announce, “Looks like the last laugh is on you and your nefarious cronies!” before striking… These are the kinds of things we can discuss with a calm and rational mind as distant observers from the relative safety of a flashback, though – Murray was there in the heat of the moment and did the best he could.

Actually the timing of this panel would seem to be right at home in a mainstream superhero comic fight, in which the action is supposed to happen in the blink of an eye, but some sort of slow motion time warp enables the combatants to threaten and taunt each other with excessive verbosity. Unfortunately, though I had the book, I’m not capable of drawing action sequences “the Marvel way,” as the next several pages will prove at excruciating length… as if that hasn’t already become abundantly clear.