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So much for Murray’s cattle prod-wielding prowess. The ominous KLATTER of “Sparky” on the Katu pavement is followed by Wayne and Murray’s ruminations on the nature of luck… the impartial wheel of Fortuna keeps turning. Sometimes you’re the fish, and sometimes you’re the bait. Wait… I’m not sure either of those is a good option.

The brief commentary by Murray and Wayne is a good example of a time that I’ve transcribed, more or less verbatim, an actual conversation I’ve had with someone. Usually these wonderful exchanges have happened in difficult workplace situations. In order to make personally meaningful (and enjoyable) art in a society that generally regards art as only decorations or background noise, artists who aren’t independently wealthy must find paycheck work and set aside whatever time is left over for their artwork. I’ve worked in food service, factories that manufacture cinder blocks, demolition, farms, driving delivery trucks… these jobs have ranged from exhausting to seriously dangerous. But I’ve met so many wonderful people, and expressing certain parts of my interactions and impressions of them through my artwork is one way that I kind of pay tribute to these honorable souls. Most characters aren’t based on any single person. Murray actually is, more than most of the others, but he’s still a fictional character and not just a representation of a real person. In this case, the dialog was with a different person, but the spirit of it matched with Murray’s character, so there you have it.