Page 27

Boozy the mallard’s efforts to provide a homemade access portal to the shipment of Schnockerboxes awaiting within the trailer have proven successful. The riches await within. Originally intended as an homage to my friend Asher Dudley’s comic character Humphrey Duck, I now view Boozy with the eyes of a father whose toddler daughter’s fascination with ducks has afforded me the opportunity to learn much more about them. Specifically in this case that, judging by Boozy’s coloring, she is a female mallard. I’m also pleased to note that the way she wields the chainsaw is technically accurate.

The first panel of this page, with Murray remarking “*Ulp!* This don’t bode particularly well…!” strikes me now as a great example of the influence of the underground comix of the 60s and 70s on my work. The abstract background connotes, to me at least, the aesthetic of a religious illustration. The droplets of sweat bursting from Murray’s head, the BEER hat, the heavy and labored detailing and shading of Murray’s underarm… it all would have fit in so well with the mounting paranoia that followed in the wake of the Summer of Love. It’s an image that could have become a cultural icon, most likely through theft and bootlegging, like “Keep on Truckin’.” In lieu of that notoriety, though, at least I’ve amused myself without shopping or watching TV.

As for the meaning of the term “Zoy,” it’s a Silnai cuss word that could roughly translate to “fuck yeah.” “BLARG!!” and “BUH?!” I believe are universal and self-explanatory.