Page 28

Encircled in shimmering rings of energy, we get our first sight of Cerene Symfonia and her steed, Jisoun. We can also see ads for YOMP (tagline: “Yes!”), which appears to be a chewing gum and/or breath mint, and Blatherbrau Beer (“Get some.”). I could have fit right in in the ad game! But everyone’s better off with me not doing that sort of work.

Cerene Symfonia and Jisoun are more supernatural than superheroic, but sometimes even spirits like to dress in personalized athletic gear. I don’t think I’ve put a whole lot of video game homages into Zoonbats, but Jisoun is, of course, pretty much directly borrowed from the ostrich in Joust by Williams Electronics. I’ve always loved the simplicity and intensity of Joust. It’s a game that, once you learn its basic controls, you can play with style.

I’d almost rather spend the next several pages writing about Joust than the fight scene that’s about to occur… mainly I wish I could reorganize the story of Zoonbats into more of a novel format than what it really is, a serial. Because I think the presence of a fight scene so early in this story probably gives people the impression that this is going to be a comic that’s full of fights… when in actuality it’s mostly just about people chatting and enjoying being on the road in a slightly bizarre world.

On the upside, any page in which the only dialog is “What th-?!” is a fun page to draw.