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Notes: Niana is a levitating, orbiting city that serves as a port between Shinma and the other moons and planet. Although it’s not the only way off the moon, it’s the primary one and the only one available to law-abiding citizens. Click on the World link for more information.

Toast’s nebulous hunches about Inaara’s destinations are not entirely unfounded, but it’ll be a while before he learns exactly why and how they are accurate.

Is that a late ’90s model personal computer and webcam that Bloom has at her apartment? Well, not as such… technically it’s a late ’20s model, as this Zoonbats story takes place in the year 3331. Like Wayne’s compact communication tablet, this computer comes from Minsha and would actually be considered quite advanced by Shinma standards of the time… yet, as in our own world, the pace of consumer technology on Minsha is fast, and this machine is indeed rather outdated. It’s difficult and expensive to move items like this legally from Minsha to Shinma, and as one might expect, there are thriving grey and black markets that cater to that sort of thing.

From a creator’s perspective, I chose to represent many aspects of this ‘alien’ world in starkly similar ways to the real world rather than developing completely imaginary and uniquely otherworldly technology and props – many of which would require some sort of exposition to make their functions and workings understandable and believable to the audience. Ultimately it’s a stylistic preference, and I can understand the other side of the coin, of wanting to see a fully realized and very unfamiliar kind of alien world. But something that is lost in that approach is the palette of mundane, everyday details that I personally enjoy. Not to mention an immense amount of time spent arbitrarily designing an alien stop sign, and an alien wastebasket, and an alien doorknob, etc.


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