Page 31

This is the kind of page that I really look forward to writing commentary for – the subtlety, the subtext, the layers of meaning that shift with contextual considerations like the changing light of late afternoon dancing through the leaves, finally arriving at a resonant, unifying revelation in which the reader realizes they are observing an image of themselves in the present moment, somehow manifested in the ink on the page. Behold, a mirror image of your own shining soul.

Or maybe not. This page is pretty bad, but I had fun with the lettering. Aficionados of Slap-a-Ham Records will no doubt appreciate the (abbreviated) homage to “Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!,” a legendary compilation of 74 songs on a 7 inch record. Thank you to my late friend Casey Carver for introducing me to that. Unlike the economical use of space on that small record, though, for some reason I made three huge panels on this one page that kind of slow down the pacing of what is already going to be a rather drawn-out (pardon the pun) fight scene by someone who doesn’t really draw fight scenes. Onward we plod…!