Page 32

Cerene Symfonia and Skorchey finally get down to the business of settling one another’s hash, fixing one another’s little red wagon, etc.

This sequence stands in contrast to what contemporary comics fight scenes are expected to look like, but so it goes. The original idea of my basic panel layout rules was to mimic the very clear and plain layouts of Carl Barks. Typically he also tried to have some sort of mini cliffhanger at the end of every page, which I haven’t really attempted to do at all. But although some comics aficionados consider Carl Barks to be a master of the form, for most readers these days, that style is probably anachronistic.

In adhering to my original rules for panel arrangements, this sequence in the first print editions was actually originally two pages, and the feedback I got on this was that the whole fight seemed to be too slow. It looked more like a sheet of extremes to animate from than something that engaged with the pacing capabilities of the literary form. So I condensed this into a single page and more or less “italicized” the panel borders. I’m not sure how this reads now to people seeing it for the first time, but at least it bothers me a little less.