Page 37

Cerene Symfonia has been speaking in glyphs for a couple of pages now, so it’s a safe bet that the fight is nearing its finale. The unusual placement of Skorchey’s word balloon in the first panel affords some room to show Xun landing on the pavement after leaping off the roof of Murray’s rig. This, in turn, provides a thrilling glimpse at Xun’s flaming Z’jurundu skull tattoo.

The phrase “musky little minx” should be familiar to fans of John Kennedy Toole’s novel A Confederacy of Dunces. In my ideal world, John Kennedy Toole would have lived to receive his Pulitzer, while the organist of the Doors would have been crushed by a falling Wurlitzer. (There’s a rap lyric in there, with just a bit of polishing.)

Everyone needs a bit of encouragement from time to time. “Quit glowing like that an’ get th’ fuck up!!” seems like it could become a motivational catchphrase. Well, also maybe with a bit of polishing. Thankfully this fight scene is coming to an end. It seemed to last about 60 or 100 pages and we’re only on page 37 of the story.