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This sequence of events stems from a sort of anxious fantasy I’ve had for a long time, of suddenly being beset upon by a flock of birds, and carried away (to who knows where?) by them. And there’s nothing the horrified bystanders could do about it.

Interestingly (to me, I mean, as I can’t assume that anyone is actually reading these caffeinated scrawlings), I’ve never seen the Alfred Hitchcock film “The Birds.” From the clips I’ve watched, though, that seems to be more a matter of vicious scratching and pecking than total abduction… but I could be wrong.

I do love most Hitchcock films I’ve seen… with the exception of “Psycho,” which was one of a few films I’ve watched that has just left me feeling shaken and bad for days afterwards. And that was even before I had a child. Ever since I’ve become a father, I feel like I don’t have it in me to do the necessary detaching/desensitizing in order to enjoy most horror films. Not that this sequence is even remotely horrifying to me, or, I would think, to anyone. It’s just strange. A little more loudly strange than the general low-level hum of strangeness that pervades the overall proceedings.