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Notes: Good thing Bloom has that Ceb Nightlife travel guide. She’s well-traveled indeed, although her usual means of getting around when in Sil is via freight trains. And though most of her information on finding graffiti spots comes via word-of-mouth from other artists, a guide like this still has some handy maps and information.

Eunil, Ceb is the site of the annual Fromage Festival, some billboards and advertisements for which start to become visible in later pages. Initially a rather obscure regional celebration of artisan cheeses, a combination of happenstance and corporate sponsorship has caused the festival to become a huge and increasingly bizarre destination event for people from all over the moon and beyond.

Most of the decor visible in Bloom’s apartment is adapted from items that were at a defunct coffee shop that I was sitting in as I was penciling these pages. In the early years when I was starting out drawing comics, it never even occurred to me that I could refer to real world locations to derive my settings. It was a revelation when I saw recognizable locations woven into a fictional narrative. In retrospect it seems like it should have been obvious that that was not only an option, but a standard practice. But we all learn different techniques at different times, particularly when working in isolation. In more recent years there have been more and more formalized educational structures developed to teach the ins and outs of this literary form, so hopefully more young artists can get up and running faster, without having to reinvent various types of ‘wheels’ through trial, error, and luck.

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