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Takes a hell of a lot to snap a man out of the starry-eyed vision of the glamorous life of the trucker. Especially in a country like Sil. In the U.S. in the 1970s there was something of a renaissance period for the appreciation of truckers and CB radio culture in general. That rootsy period of time pretty much got ground into a powdery pile of cocaine-colored dust under the Reagan culture assault of the 1980s.

But not so in Sil, where to this day (3331, in case anyone’s forgotten), truckers are regarded as the knights of the highway. They’re praised as heroes, celebrated almost with an almost irrational fervor. Still, when a job is presented with an air of glamor like that, watch out for the working conditions. If there’s always an endless supply of eager youngbloods standing behind you, waiting to take your place and get a “break” into the industry, well, you’re in just the right position to get exploited in order to keep that bit of glamorous status.