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Taking a step back and doing the math – I’ll tell you what, that kind of critical thinking is gonna make you mad sooner or later. The enjoyment of entire cultural institutions – professional sports comes to mind, some of which I happen to enjoy watching – depends largely on a keystone of not thinking about whether or not the people involved deserve all this money, as compared to, say, working mothers, teachers, caregivers, and so on. Murray’s goals weren’t even so morally lofty – he just wanted to get paid riding the ribbon of the open road. But the slice of the pie they were offering up was anemic to say the least.

Just look at the intensity of the abstract lines radiating from Murray. That’s not the kind of abstract background that emanates from someone who’s happy with his take-home pay. That’s the kind of abstract background that pops up behind someone who’s begun to question the very foundation of the system. What kind of abstract background is popping up behind you?