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What Murray is describing in the second panel is not a slow-simmering kind of anger. No, it’s an intense and sustained fury that comes from deep within and threatens to scorch everything it touches. Because you have to be deeply incensed to not only rip off your own mustache, but to follow through with the action of preparing and eating it in the form of a sandwich. That’s a strong feeling, and one that is not abated by mere physical discomfort (the ripping off part). That’s what I was really going for when I wrote that dialog. I’m not sure if it came through. I don’t get much external validation through this artform. I’m left to my own instincts. What more can I say? I took a stab at expressing that emotion. I believe that history will vindicate me. But ultimately, I’m more of a lover than a fighter, so I also took the time to draw a pretty reflection of one of the crescent moons in the water. Let the chips fall where they may.