Page 51

Murray’s being a bit cagey about his special shipping jobs on the side. I believe he mentioned something about all that, vaguely, at least once before. Maybe he’ll finally open up about all that in… oh, 90 more pages or so. In the meantime, there’s other things to discuss. The soul, for one. I mean, what’s the point of talking about anything if you aren’t going to finally work it all around into talking about the soul? Maybe some people don’t believe in souls. Maybe some poor deluded bitter ol’ jerks think drum machines don’t have soul. Hell, Wayne Molly himself is a drummer, and you don’t hear him trying to put down drum machines! As far as I know, you don’t hear him mention them at all throughout the entire story.

But yeah… getting back to something resembling the original point… because the soul is a difficult subject to discuss with any sort of exactness, it’s the kind of thing we’ve gotta dance around. Dancing is a great way to express the soul. And drums are a great instrument to inspire people to dance. We may not be able to express it all in words… sometimes we’ve gotta use things like drumbeats, and comics, and so on.