Page 6

Notes: Another quiet page as Wayne walks along, keeping his thoughts to himself (I don’t often use thought balloons). This is one of my favorite pages that I’ve drawn, largely because it is a quiet passage in a series that otherwise rarely has a silent panel.

I guess these sorts of things, related to overall pacing, have only become clear to me through trial-and-error. Taking on the challenge of creating comics solo, I’ve reflected over the years, is almost impossible. There are so many interdependent disciplines that require proficiency, ranging from writing of plot and dialog, to set design, framing shots, penciling and inking, lettering.

Looking at my own work critically, there’s almost nothing that I feel that I do as well as I would like to, in spite of the fact that I am doing the best that I can. But the only thing I can do is to keep going, keep learning and keep trying to apply what I’ve learned along the way. Occasionally I do something I’m really pleased with, like this page.

The sights in Miya Bay are based on real-world locations in a small town that I used to drive to while doing deliveries for a bakery. I thought it was odd that this gas station has a lamp post protruding from its roof. We can see more things that Shinma has in common with our world, including basketball and soda pop vending machines, although at least in this case I’ve invented new brands. I’ve also got some fictional sports in mind that will have to wait until later to be mentioned in the storyline.


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