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Notes: The conversation with the two young employees at this gas station/convenience store is based on a conversation I had in real life – verbatim, in the case of their description of what they do for fun in their small town.

There’s not much that I can imagine that can exceed the richness, and often weirdness, of the real world – anthropomorphic human/animal hybrids aside. Even the bizarre events to come in the storyline depicting Toast’s workplace later on in the story are based on real occurrences. One thing that’s gotten me through numerous fish-out-of-water workplace experiences is the knowledge that I might someday be able to adapt the weirdness into useful material for comics. Lord knows at this point I’ve got a backlog of that stuff that I’ve got to commit to pen and ink.

Other incidental details, like the stacking of paper cups on a coffeemaker and mugs on an espresso machine, are just burned into my memory from day-to-day work experience. I can mix and match those details as needed to cook up set pieces. The mundane details of everyday life are so intricate that I could get lost in the enjoyment of recreating them. But in order to not spend an inordinate amount of time on every image, it’s important to economize and let a few details suggest all the other ones that the audience will provide with their imagination.


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