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Notes: For reference, the population of the Haquel metropolitan area is about 9 million, whereas less than 2,000 residents enjoy (or endure, in the case of Irv and Lena) the slow life in Miya Bay. Although Haquel isn’t particularly notorious for its violent crime rate, Wayne both enjoys it as an element of impressive mystique for these two small town teens, and is alarmed by the thought of actual involvement.

What Wayne is involved in is music, particularly residing near the Timekeepers’ District in South Haquel, which is one of the historically famous districts for music. And indeed, his apprenticeship at the henchberry orchard had as much to do with his training as a drummer as it did with learning to cultivate this controversial crop – but there will be much more about all that later on.

In the meantime, he’s watching a big rig roll into the station – which, for me, provided a good opportunity to buy a toy truck for reference.

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