Page 9

Notes: It looks as though Wayne and this trucker already know each other from Haquel – what a coincidence that they should meet up here, thousands of miles away on the northeast coast of Ruma. In any case, it’s looking like a fortuitous meeting, as they both happen to be headed in the same direction – south to Eunil.

Frozen beef is the cargo on this rig – plus a brief mention of something “diff’rent” (hat tip to Arnold, Willis and Mr. Drummond for inspiring the bold use of an apostrophe). As will soon become apparent, Murray Sepulveda has a taste for luxury. And as should be immediately apparent, he has a preference for bold wardrobe choices. How many artists get to draw chaps repeatedly? That right there puts me in very exclusive company, I guess – not that anyone has reached out to me to bond over it or anything.

One thing’s for sure – the toy truck I got for reference was lacking in detail in the dashboard department – but I reckon that’s something I can iterate on in later pages.

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