Page 99

The Suiter Ave. bridge as shown here has popped up from time to time in stories of these characters even prior to Zoonbats. Occasionally I’ve encountered bridges that have fallen into disuse, or been repurposed as pedestrian-only bridges, when other, bigger bridges are built to replace them. If the older bridge isn’t demolished to make way for the newer one, sometimes it takes on new life, even as it gradually deteriorates due to lack of maintenance. It’s not hard to understand why artistic people would be drawn to such places.

It’s nice to catch some other glimpses of things that have been implied but not directly seen before. Ansimh riding high in the nighttime sky over the South Haquel River. I reckon it casts a lot of light when it’s seen at night, creating some dramatic all-night twilight times. I’d like to have drawn it in more detail though. Will do next time! It’s also fun to see Wayne playing drums. More on his training as a drummer will be revealed in the next couple dozen pages.